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Iremar Knight

Iremar Knight.jpg

 Small but mighty, Iremar has a unique name and unique experiences in athletics, having competed in Taekwondo at a high level for over a decade, and having represented Panama in an International Judo tournament.  


She has 13 years of experience in training, health, fitness, dance and boxing. She is a trainer for ABF as of December '23


Areas of Expertise:


Cardio Fitness



Combat Based Training 

Nathan Richert

Nathan Richert.jpg


Nathan is a youthful and substantially experienced personal trainer at ABF.


Like countless teens in America, Nathan grew up copying YouTube "Ego Lifting" videos. This led to a serious injury that required not only extensive and patient rehab, but developing a thorough understanding of the body and how to rehab and train correctly.


Areas of Expertise:





Christina Waggoner



Christina is an official member of the American Massage Therapy Association, and a proud grad of National Holistic Institute Collage of Massage Therapy. Upbeat and knowledgeable, she has a knack for helping clients reach their goals.

She has emerged from a transitional period in life with a clear focus on the healt o her clients.


Areas of Expertise:


Shiatsu Massage

Hand & Foot Reflexology

Myofascial Therapy

Elias Domingo

elias domingo.jpg


Born and raised in Sacramento, Elias lived in Florida for a few years after graduating from Rio Americano High.

Impressed with his level of fitness, many of his high school peers sought out his advice about building mass. Now in his mid 20s, he dedicated himself to bodybuilding at the age of just 17.


Elias has a background in Muay Thai and extensive knowledge of upper body stretches and exercises. 


Areas of Expertise:


Foundational Strength Training

Building Mass


Nick Pypers

nick pypers.jpg


"I'm here to help clients achieve their goals and live a better quality of life."


Passionate yet lighthearted, Nick dominated Track & Field events during the Spring sports seasons while at Rio Americano High School.


A pole vaulter and high jumper, Nick learned at a young age about momentum and transferring of weight, key elements of the demanding events.


Areas of Expertise:


Weight Transfer Exercises

Dynamic Movements

Mobility Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has ABF been in business?


A: ABF will celebrate its 2nd anniversary in late summer of this year.

It has become a favorite of seniors, but it open and welcome to everyone. 


Q: Is personal training included in the monthly fee?


A: While personal training is not included in the monthly fee, ABF has a fleet of talented personal trainers who are happy to sit down and analyze your specific needs, designing a custom plan for maximum health. 

Q: What makes ABF different than the typical gym?


A: Our motto is, "The Cure for the Common Gym."

Anyone is welcome to drop by during the morning or afternoon to get a look at the inside, and in most cases, a tour of the gym.

The environment is welcoming, clean and positive.

There are no TVs or treadmills. That's not us.

Q: What is the staff size?


A: Currently, the gym has five highly qualified experts ranging in age from their early 20s to late 40s , including owner Stuart Allen, the best trainer in town.

Q: Are there discounts on membership for seniors and military?


A: Yes. 20%. 

Q: Is the gym really open 24 hours a day?


A: Yes. The door has a passcode, and 24/7 camera monitoring.

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